About Me

Hi! I’m Alok Raj Narayan.

I am an engineering graduate currently pursuing post graduation with Political Science. I also aspire to join Indian Civil Services.

I love traveling. Long train journeys and bike riding are always near to my heart. I am keenly interested in exploring ideas, people and places. Being a native of Bihar, India, I know Magahi and Hindi languages along with English.

Being a humanist, I believe that every person on the planet is of equal essence. I also believe in the philosophy of making my surroundings happier and enriched. I subscribe to democratic socialist strand of political views.

Here I shall share my experiences and views about my life, happenings around us and also about topics of general interest. I shall write about the tours which I undertook till date. Along with this I shall also discuss my preparation strategies regarding UPSC CSE preliminary examination and BPSC CSE preliminary examination as I have cleared both of them thrice in due course of my preparation.